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XDL-008 XPL-008
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XAM-007 XDL-011


The marimba

The middle size instrument group we call "Marimba". One octave deeper with a full, warm and smooth but yet percussive tone. 
Can be used for very many purposes. Maybe the most flexible instruments of our xylophones. Suitable for "baby music" as well as pro-musicians. They are available in three different sizes,  8 tones pentatonic h-e'' # XPL-008       
8 tone diatonic c'-c'' # XDL-008     11 tone diatonic h-e''   # XDL-011
Tone bars from Akazia and the box from Swedish Pine tree.

These xylophones in the higher tuned range do bring out the melodic side of the rhythm while it is so clearly heard on top of the other deeper instruments. It is also perfect in school orchestras especially if you play with extra hard mallets they will be easily heard among rather loud instruments. The tone bars are made from the very fullsounding materialAkazia the best sounding wood that das not grow in tropic forests.Akazia is planted under control by the authorities in European countries, mostly in Hungary. The frame are made from Swedish Birch.