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Thirty years ago was my first year here and sixty years ago I was born so I have been here HALF MY LIFE.
Some old, as a matter of fact very old, if not the oldest friends has been visiting the booth. I met them at first 1985 at my first Nuremberg trade show.
The Japanese company Omocha Bako
Who have ment so much to us during all these years. Thanks soooo much dear friends, because that is what we have become….friends..thank you.
During the days thare have been quite many visitors ans they tends to come in batches so some times it not so much activity and then everyone comes at the same time. This means that I really have no chanse to take that many pictures as you would want me to do.

Here are first the Saitos Kazuhiko and Aki then follows The Mercurius top guns Dick and Ronald. Followed by the nice coupple from Dies und Das whom continued after older generation, the company started with us perhaps 15 to 20 years ago .. (they thaught 12 years but I am sure it is more). Then we have another 2nd generation; the Quenzers were papa Gert came one of my first years. Our dear friends from Kinderzimmer, München; always happy moments. Then showd up just as I said goodbye to Saitos a complete Japanese shop with as I assume everyone from warehouse boy to owner ….very nice people and I had the opportunity again from close range to see how totaly different Japanese interact both with their body language and voice and how they look and listen to each other. Very fascinating. At last there are some pics from the surrounding booths and ailes.


Okay…. now everything is up and running, there is not much time for taking photos. There should be a second person only for that. On friday I only captured one of our customers with my phone camera; this is Karin and Manfred from Nürnberg, Karin has been selling our small glockenspiels to Kindergartens here in Germany since at least 15 years, and still is! I also got a shot of the both completed. The last picture for today is Rolf Meurer whom I have met here in Nbg about 26 years ago. He is a good amadinda player and this year we have disturbed the nabors severely for at least 20 minutes….makes good fun!

All for now

After some hours of moving, assembling, adjusting and hanging and puting things on their right places as they fitted the best this year I finally went home. Well there are still some small corrections to be made…..but I am quite content. As you can see on the first pic. when I arrive the nice hall watch man let me drive the van into the hall so I could unload indoors; very convenient! When I started to build I realised that the booth were 20 cm too short. Well I am flexible, you get very flexible after 30 years !

Well I’ll send more of the finished stand and perhaps some faces this evening.
Bye now Kjell

This year we got some very nice wooden planks from Wimmerholz in Austria:

1 planks allowed to make 4 big Lyres (LSK)