Twelve tone Pentatonic lyre d-e-g-a-h-d’-e’-g’-a’-h’-d’’-e’’ (LDP)

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Twelve tone Pentatonic lyre d-e-g-a-h-d’-e’-g’-a’-h’-d’’-e’’  (LDP)

LDP – Twelve String Pentatone Lyre

12 strings: a – e''
Kjell Andersson

Additional stuff:
Pitch Pipe
Lyre Stand
A=432Hz Tuning Fork
Lyre case


Twelve tone Pentatonic lyre d-e-g-a-h-d’-e’-g’-a’-h’-d’’-e’’

An advanced pentatonic lyre a fine tool for the teacher to play for and lead the children’s groups in the musical exploration. Use it at home, in the kindergarten by musical games and storytelling and much more. The lyre can also be tuned into a large number of various scales and chords except the pentatonic.

Due to the many strings, the LDP lyre can be tuned into various chords or bordune scales. In this case you strum all the strings together to hear the entire chord ringing; is used to accompany a melody that is sung or played on another instrument. If you have more than one lyre in a group, they can be tuned into different chords so that you can accompany a song with as many chords as you have differently tuned lyres.
This lyre is the same as the pentatonic LDD model if you change the strings into the diatonic set it will follow the child into the higher grades and remains a musical companion trough out the whole school time.
Includes a tuning wrench and an instruction sheet, with more tips and tricks regarding how to use your instrument.